List of products by manufacturer Beltor

BELTOR is more than just a brand or unique products signed logo, Beltor is a lifestyle in a constant fight. Fighters world is a very hermetic environment, that is accessible only for  those, who dedicate their lives in the name of honor that rules in the gym and on the street. Both the clothing and accessories are designed for those who identify with martial arts. Now time has come that the brave world to be recognized and honored with the brand , that each sportsman will speak about with pride. To aggressively develop of the  BelTOR brand, both image and fighting products closely associated with sports, contribute.

Martial arts accessories are designed under the strict supervision of international technologists and players from beginners to Olympic masters and stars of the world federation. Materials used in their production are high durability and high resistance to
technical damage. A number of technological solutions  maximize the level of safety during usage and provides the comfort  required  to focus on developing technology and physical fitness efficiency. BELTOR accessories are manufactured in many countries in Europe and
around the world and every product is thoroughly inspected by 3 levels of
quality control.

Breakdown of clothing products:

  • CottonBASE, 

  • CompresionGEAR, 

  • StreetFORM, 

  • MMAGear. 

Beltor styles, away from classic models, posses 2 basic and necessary features for a fighter, which are comfort and original design with character.


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