List of products by manufacturer Big Zone

Big Zone is one of the best and most popular brands on the demanding German market. It belongs to a company based in Berlin, which existed since 1993. All Big Zone products are manufactured exclusively in Germany and subject to continuous quality control requirements in this country. They are created together with scientists in the fields of nutrition, pharmacy and biochemistry. All production is controlled by computer, 100% repetition of each batch is ensured. In addition, each party is inspected and approved by the Lebensmittelüberwachung German Sanitary Service, and inspected by the chemists and certified for quality and release for sale. Big Zone products meet all standards required by IFS (International Food Standard), DIN ISO Standards, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), GMP.

Since quality is the number one priority for Big Zone products, each product is first examined by a state-approved food chemist with regard to its composition and checked for its viability. Only after the exhibition of this quality and quality certificate will the further production take place. During production, individual product batches are repeatedly tested for deviations, and only go to the sales department with the utmost satisfaction.


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